Awaken Astonishment


Ordinary gets lost.
Extraordinary gets remembered.
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Ambassador of Awe


Todd Sinelli grew up in Detroit, Michigan. He was educated on the east coast, wrote books on the west coast, and has traded in the financial markets in Chicago, done missionary work in Italy, served as director of international expansion for a Dallas-based restaurant brand, and now works full-time as a motivational speaker, magician, and mentalist.

For your next sales event, company celebration, or motivational keynote, contact Todd asap to purposefully create an event that is memorable and magnificent for all who attend. The results will be an increase in company teamwork, creativity, and will ultimately result in increased sales.

Past events hosted at Dallas Visitor & Convention Executive Team, The Ritz-Carlton, Century 21 Realtors,, Stihl Equipment, Hope Pediatrics, and many more.

Senior executives and meeting planners bring  Todd in when

  • Imagination and innovation needs to be sparked and ignited.
  • Creativity, curiosity and communication needs to be enhanced and enjoyed experientially with immediate application.
  • You are exhausted from seeing, hearing and paying for so many boring and banal presenters.

Human resource departments hire Todd when

  • You need to add energy to the team along with creative encouragement for embracing the company values.
  • You want to celebrate and need a presenter who engages and gives the staff an enjoyable experience that lasts a few moments but is remembered for a lifetime.
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He's kinda smart...


But, how can he help me? Specifically, you will learn:

  • How to emotionally engage your customers/clients and how to create an experience that is economically beneficial
  • How to increase sales by increasing your creativity
  • How to be remembered, rewarded, and referred through applying the simple and powerful rules of influence & engagement
  • Also, how to awaken astonishment by embracing and applying the "3 A's of Awe" and the secret steps of influence, innovation, and imagination.



Michigan State University, BBA

University of Dallas, MBA

The Wharton School, Executive Education


Quite a bit


Engagement. Experiential learning. Extraordinary moments that will last for moments but be remembered for a lifetime.

Learn how principles of astonishment can be applied to your life and profit you professionally and personally. Connecting, communicating, and collaborating with others are essential toward building relationships with your team and customers.

"Mediocrity won’t last. Astonishment will."

— Todd Sinelli

In 2015, Todd performed 205 shows and in 2016 he performed 230 shows in front of audiences ranging in size from 3 to 3,000. In 2017, he created the awaken astonishment experience and performed 70 shows combining magic, mentalism, and a motivational message. His favorite group size is 80 - 100 guests through an interactive event or business keynote showing and demonstrating the power of engaging, enhancing, and experiencing memorable moments by awakening astonishment.
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You are invited to be awakened by astonishment
and to learn how to be remembered,
how to be rewarded, and how to be referred.