Awaken Astonishment

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Q: What is Awaken Astonishment?

A: Astonishment. Anytime. Anywhere. Anyone. This is an interactive keynote business presentation designed to engage the senses and to create an experience that shows attendees how to be remembered, rewarded, and referred by aiming for astonishment.

Are you ready to awaken:

Your attention. Remember the incredible feeling you have when something or someone gets your attention and time seems to blur as you realize you are alive, aware, and attentive?

Your creativity. Albert Einstein and Walt Disney think that your imagination is more important than knowledge. Could they be on to something?

Your emotions. Feeling better. Hearing better. Seeing better. Once your emotions are awakened, these feelings will allow you to look forward to embrace and enjoy more magnificent moments than you ever imagined!

This event is imaginative, ingenious, and influential for increasing sales and creativity. Attend wth the curiosity focused on how to really awaken astonishment—

Q: Who is todd sinelli?

A: His full name is Todd Andrew Sinelli. He grew up in Michigan, got educated on the East coast, wrote books on the West coast. He has traded in the financial markets in Chicago, done missionary work in Italy and has worked as a professional magician, director of international expansion for a Dallas-based restaurant brand and has even served as the director of counseling for a mega-church in Chicago. He feels very much at home in a corporate setting, a stadium setting or just a small setting with 3 to 30 people. Now in 2017, he’s creating, collaberating, and creatively focused on one thing, astonishment.

As the “Ambassador of Awe”, Todd's goal is to inspire imaginatve ideas which produce immediate results. Awaken Astonishment began with 20+ years of money management, corporate training, and speaking to change the way that people learn and are motivated. He is shifting the paradigm from information sharing to inspiration and engaging people to unleash their own imagination by applying the principles of astonishment. This event lasts for moments, but will be remembered for a lifetime. Guaranteed.

Q: We are a large corporation and would like to send you around the nation to our branches and/or offices, how can we make this happen?

A:  The most common response after the workshop/session is, "I wish more of our team was here!"

Todd loves to travel and train others through the awaken astonishment message. These principles and this message has already been tested and proven in a global laboratory from Dallas to Dubai!

He would love to be a brand ambassador for your company. Phone or email to discuss creative collaberations and future scheduling ideas.

Office: 323.863.3464 / e:

Q: We are in sales, are your services guaranteed??

A:  Sales is like oxygen to a business, without it you cannot breathe. Todd is one of the few speakers who has a 100% astonishment/money-back guarantee. Once you learn these principles of astonishment, all you have to do is apply them. While they are simple, these principles are not simplisitic. These techniques are the same principles masterminds have used for centuries.

With creativity at the core, you may be amazed by what has been hidden in plain sight all along.

Q: Meeting Planner - successful tips

A:  Here are a few simple things that can add to a fabulous event.

INTIMACY: After 1,000+ events, I can assure you that having the audience as close to the stage as possible is a a recipe for a great event. The stage or platform area should be no more than 12 feet from the first seat or table of the audience. The closer, the better.

AUDIO: A good audio system is crucial for a speaking event. Think of sound like water and you want to be sure everyone gets wet once the message begins. For an audience more than 75, an over the ear microphone and a cordless handheld microphone is necessary. For under 75 guests in a quiet environment, it is optional but still recommended.

STAGING: Being able to be seen easily by the audience is very important. A minimum riser or stage size of 6' deep by 12' wide is satisfactory. As a good rule, approximately 1' of height per 100 audience members is a good rule of thumb to a maximum of 4' high. Stairs to access the stage with a handrail in front and with a handrail to the right or left. For audiences of 75 or less, staging is an option.

MULTIMEDIA: For large audiences, an attractive addition is image magnfication and jumbo screens added.

DISTRACTIONS: It is really difficult to enjoy a message or presentation while people are eating. Bringing the speaker on after desert or before the meal is best, combing the two never is a good combo. All food service should be complete once the event begins.

INTRODUCTION: A proper introduction can set the tone for a great message. The person who gives the introduction also has the important job of quieting and getting the audience's attention. The introduction should be given by a person who is well-known by the group.